Who we are?

Indalo Farma, established in 2018 by Sascha Carrez, has been thriving sins then . With a gastronomic background as a head chef, I’ve translated my culinary vision into the creation of unique, wild gastronomy products, striving for sustainable development across economic, social, and environmental aspects.

Through Indalo Farma, I aim to reconnect people with the intricate and rich flavors of nature by offering authentic products sourced directly from Mother Nature .

Situated in Sudince in the Hont region, our location provides a unique setting to explore and capture the genuine essence of natural tastes.


At Indalo farma , we harvest sustainably. Though there exists no certification or protocols for commercial harvesters in slovakia , we developed a code of ethics from the start to ensure that our collective work conformed to our values. . We share this with our harvest teams in the hope that our values permeate our business activities.
• We do not market any species of plants protected by the law on threatened and vulnerable species, plants such as wild leek or wild ginger. Unfortunately, those two plants are still sold to restaurants and we continue to inform foragers, distributors and chefs of existing laws.
• We ensure that all species harvested can sustain a commercial harvest. In general, the harvest of fruit has no significant impact on a plant population. The harvest of branches or leaves has to be evaluated on a case by case basis. The harvest of roots kills the plant. It is therefore very important that commercially harvested plants be abundant and have a high reproductive capacity. Other than greater burdock and evening primrose, we market no roots or tubers.
• We practice forest management and wild gardening whenever possible thus enhancing productivity for ourselves and for the local fauna.
• We work with experienced or formally trained harvesters, people who share our values. We question them on their work practices and visit their work sites whenever possible.
• We believe that the sale of wild foods offers economic, social and environmental development opportunities for rural communities and that the sustainability of this work will be anchored in solid educational programs. Hence our workshops for foragers, distributors, chefs and the public.

Our Products

All our Indalo Farma products are meticulously handcrafted in Slovakia. We take pride in sourcing 80% of our herbs and berries for teas and vinegars through manual, wild harvesting. The remaining 20% come from herbs cultivated in our gardens, grown from seeds harvested in the forest or fields.

Our drying process is simple yet effective, as the herbs are naturally dried by the warmth of the summer, ensuring the preservation of their essence.


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